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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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old without cares the weekend zero we've got a great show tonight featuring bill still creator of the secret laws and the money masters documentaries will explain how orders could solve all the government's financial problems we've also got donna harold on our little dust up with things you heard of the kaiser report how to call your way out of jail some practical information on acetaminophen because girl you have no faith in medicine appears to boycott pay pal from anonymous and you know that is you the viewers of adam versus the man.
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the debt ceiling it's hard to tell a broken record right now the deadline looming largely from the fed the international monitoring money going to be limited to the silly little easy limits on the line is legally. we're going to blow your brains out america. ladies and gentlemen yes the default is still nearly upon us today is the minus five days of the fall day and there's still no deal here in washington as to who's going to get to exploit the american people the best or rather get the biggest piece of the pie one pound of flesh comes out of us again so just to clarify terms
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the default they is not august second that's the deadline hypothetically here according to tim geithner secretary of the treasury who is the only one who is really saying anything about what is technically a default would happen when they when they run out of. money that's already borrowed on august third can't borrow any more and are forced to only spend what's coming into the government through taxes now a default on the debt yes has certain repercussions for the financial system you know that giant leech on the rest of the economy but now the term default is being used and being thrown around by politicians is part of the whole fear mongering raise the drama tactics of the negotiations if you can calm that that we see going on right now in fact just today senator harry reid said that this is likely our last chance to save this nation from default but what he means by default clearly isn't defaulting on the debt the amount we take in is more than enough to service
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the debt we saying is now equating the term default the technical term which actually has a real meaning financially with defaulting on our commitments not our our the country our the government's let's see if that if the debt limit being raised simply means that the largest and irresponsible spending of government continues as it has then who benefits the most well there was a statement put out by the financial services form with a group that includes bank of america citi group goldman sachs j.p. morgan chase morgan stanley wells fargo number of other top financial firms and this is what they have to say. the consequences of inaction for our economy the already struggling job market the financial circumstances of american businesses and families and for america's global economic leadership would be very grave by the way that's banker code for keep giving us money simple as that so john boehner
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back to the house is now scrambling to get a bill through that stands a chance in the senate with the most leverage that he can bring to bear from scaring the rest of the establishment with the incoming charging plus the freshman senators which it seems now has buckled on the idea of actually having a constitutional amendment which was what the republicans what we were going to get out of this deal for letting obama raise the debt ceiling now that's off the table and the boehner plan per proposal is to temporarily increase the debt limit with some. corresponding cuts in spending so what are the republicans saying about it out well congressman jeff flake of arizona jumped up as a cheerleader saying with conservatives insisting on the addition of a balanced budget amendment requirement and by the way when he says conservatives he doesn't mean conservatives he means republican republicans in name only rhinos pretended to be conservative and it was conservatives insisting on the addition of a balanced budget amendment requirement speaker boehner bill will now cut cap and
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balance well not anymore the promise is that if it's raised again several months down the road then we could have a balanced budget amendment or we could who knows do whatever the heck we feel like as we're politicians speaking of which we heard from white house chief of staff they lead today speaking to wolf blitzer. so what you're saying is the president did present a plan to the speaker john boehner but he didn't going public we don't know if the speaker and the president had agreed and then the thought of a negotiation do not happen in public. they don't happen in public i'll surprise surprise when the american people are getting ripped off for the sake of america's banks or class yeah we're not going to get the details but because the down continues and we'll be following it all the way to the deadline next tuesday right here on adam vs the man joining us now is a hero of the movement for monetary reform was last name is not paul filmmaker and
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documentarian bill still producer of the money masters and more recently the secret of oz in one thousand nine hundred six the money masters was released accurately predicting the economic calamity is now facing america a film still relevant to this day and popular amongst students of monetary policy is in his two thousand and ten film the secret of which was really sick critical acclaim winning best documentary of the two thousand and ten below international film film festival the silver sierra award for excellence in filmmaking at the seventy film festival and the silver screen award at the nevada from festival in the film he explores the allegorical connections between the wizard of oz narrative and the movement for monetary reform bill thank you so much for being with us and i really appreciate pleasure now i saw that you have a unique solution here for the debt crisis and this is this is coming out of out out of nowhere for the conversation as it's been played out in washington no one is considering your solution what is it how do they fix fix the debt ceiling without
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incurring more that well the current plans on the table did being discussed in congress just won't work austerity negatively impacts g.d.p. raising taxes negatively and impact g.d.p. or what's your definition of work because by their definition it would be funneling more money from the people to the banks or so i think they're all really set to work very well actually both both government and money should operate. in the public interest but of course we know that that's not the case so the unfortunately the solution that i offer is nothing new it's been done many times throughout american history we're just rediscovering it right now because there's enough pressure enough pain in the american economy so we have to do something obviously what we've been doing is not working and i can guarantee you with with another with the same certainty that the sun will rise tomorrow that that what congress is doing now will not work and this american economy will continue in a slow death spiral downwards until we reach the solution that we've reached before
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in american history ok so so let me guess you got this here man your solution is for john boehner speaker of the house to to stop smoking cigarettes lose some weight paint red white and blue stars on this and run around the world and knock out all the bad guys and then you know all the banks no no no it's a solution is debt free government issued money on the huge in way public interest what so what's what's the money that we're being all of our money today every dollar in your checking account with the exception of coins coins. ever ok darn your checking account is issued as an interest bearing debt that's not the way it's always been in american history you see right there that's a federal reserve note in her green seal maybe you can tell going up the single r i everybody knows where that is on the dollar i write as i reserve note across i don't serve no one hundred years before that we created another type of debt free money called us notes it has us note across the right sort of a green c.s.k.
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has a red seal yes that's money without debt in fact us notes are still in circulation a day there are still legal tender however they have not been renewed sense one thousand nine hundred four so they're going out of circulation but they're still entirely legal tender president obama could fix this situation by executive order tomorrow ok. does not have to borrow because this is obligations can't issue their own money without debt we don't have to have a national debt we don't have to borrow money this is ridiculous it's just a political ploy it's a carrot boogie you don't need the federal design system no designed designed to disguise the fact that the bankers are in control of the congress the bankers are essentially in control not over only the american economy but the political system as well ok i'm looking at the quarter united states of america you know i'm quarter dollar liberty and god we trust one thousand nine hundred for nothing it was another thing as a reserve note no it's money issued with such debt that's why we could pay off the
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entire national debt the entire campus that is. ok that's that would be a lot of quarters were under you know well to pay out the entire national debt all for a fourteen point four trillion it would take about twelve million tractor trailer loads so not very practical but that's what we could use what is it going to get for the trucking industry if our federal government made all these orders and then well and also if we bank robbery employ every every all the unemployed at the u.s. mint creating the orders but it would be a little bit easier just to issue us notes or their electronic equivalent ok so you really are is that as real don't want to hear is this so that we already have the mechanism right here of creating debt free currency perfectly that it's perfectly coiffed nation and we're talking about this it could be in paper as long as it doesn't say not a veteran in electronic l.o.l. and it could come out of the treasury to the point that if. they start to
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understand that yeah there's another way to do this we don't have to borrow we don't have to incur a national debt this is a ridiculous thing ok now there's a bit of a downside to this because you are suggesting something that would cause a devaluation of the dollar absolutely not it's money also lulay not know as the who you trade off the you trade off us notes for these one for one. and as as that as that happens you proportionately raise bank reserve requirements what does that mean banks no longer practice fractional reserve lending what does that mean banks would howley be able to lend money they actually have which is exactly the situation that everybody out there in t.v. land thinks is going on but is not going on ok well you just over the so now you now we need a documentary to explain all this does it that's really me so there's a little more to it than just the creation of all this money and saying that we can we can make orders but it's a way of making the point that we don't need the system there were now what's a good website for people to learn more about this planet you cannot build still
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dot com will still dot com outstanding so what do you think is the. how are they able to get away easily able to keep this. secret here how can they say these are pretty good with last minute talks with all the distracted question all the crap that's you know your reason you see because every major t.v. network in the united states and really around the world is completely in the thrall of these banks they're all mortgaged out to the max just like every american is mortgage down to the max in their home in their home mortgages i have two friends who were recently cut from one of the top three letter networks in this country and they were told specifically by j.p. morgan i should mention the name but i would i already have so it's too late but and less unless this network cut their top tier of executives they would not roll over their loans on the network would be folded by next week the banks are in control complete control of the american news media at least at the top levels of
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television news all over he said until he had his new i am not here and there has me more and there have me on they will not dare preach the word of the fact that all of our money is created out of debt they will not dare leave breathe a word that we do not need a national debt we do not need a national deficit we can pay off all of the step with debt free money without any inflation inflation is me merely controlling the quantity of money. you control the quantity you don't have the inflation that's all we have to do have an honest look at inflation to get out of this problem don't you think that we can do that somehow absolutely and here we there and we do appreciate you coming on the show late into the show. quarter solution imagine that we could we could make orders and that would be it that's it that right there a pile of course fourteen trillion and the debt crisis goes away bill still stuck. over forty thousand people die each year and automobile accidents over half
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a million die from cancer and whopping two hundred die from fatal overdose of a sudden infant the active ingredient in tylenol in fact the hidden threat of a sudden infant so large that to please a greatly concerned f.d.a. johnson and johnson will be revising their maximum daily dosage currently adults or vice to take no more than eight pills a day or four thousand milligrams it's going to be lower to six pills a day now three thousand milligrams who knew the exact those that could be so arbitrarily changed but the consumer was the determining point for what goes into drugs where and how i think we'd see more practical labels and maybe a little more knowledge of all the problems tunnels have with you know some some manufacturing problems i don't have a medical degree but i need a pound girl who this all happens to be as the boxes over the age of twelve so not be advised to take in the same amount of an ingredient as a two hundred pound or aim or a three hundred pound marine who is. in a free market and have
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a more complete and relevant information available to consumers and some of the government over c.m.s. was just asked people guessing the actual correct those sorts of drugs to dole out for themselves but really ultimately we all need to take responsibility for what we put in our own bodies anyways we'll be right back stick around you're watching adam vs the man. oh man those. are is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like al jazeera . and the. question today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us.
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or you. are going to. fight. in recent weeks we have found ourselves outraged at the f.b.i.
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being willing to arrest him threaten those who are involved in ethical modern cyber operations law enforcement continues to push its ridiculous rules upon us anonymous suspects may face a fine of up to five hundred thousand us dollars and fifteen years of jail time just for taking part in a historical activist movement and many of the already apprehended and nuns are being charged with taking part in d.d. o. s. attacks against corrupt organizations such as pay pal what the f.b.i. needs to learn is that there is a vast difference between adding one's voice to a chorus of a digital sitting with a low orbit eye and cannon and controlling a large but net of infected computers and yet both of these are punishable with exactly the same fine and sentence in addition to this horrific law enforcement incompetence pay-pal continues to withhold funds from wiki leaks a beacon of truth in these dark times although not convict. it of having broken any crime whatsoever pay pal has cut off work elites because pay pal made
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a presumptive judgement that it was doing something illegal perhaps it was not as much a presumption of judgement as much as just doing what the government wanted them to do quite simply the people are disgusted with us and just as we will not sit down and let ourselves be trampled upon by any corporation or government we are not scared of you but you should be afraid of us we are not the terrorists here you are we encourage anyone using pay-pal to immediately close their accounts and consider an alternative this is an organized run on the bank by voluntary collective action the first step to being truly free is not putting one's trust into a company that freezes accounts when it feels like where one is pressured by the us government pay pal does not deserve your business and they do not deserve your respect join us in our latest operation against pay pal tweak pictures of your account closure tell us on i.r.c. spread the word their stock has already fell dramatically for
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a number of reasons this being at least one as tens of thousands have already closed their pay pal accounts as part of operation pay pal meanwhile the vice president to pay pal has dismissed a boycott claiming that the competition can't compete in their line of business let's give the competition enough business to prove him wrong anonymous has become a powerful channel of information and unlike the governments of the world we are here to fight for you always we are anonymous we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect us. to break you. know that was your. the game of statism is ring your dollar comes with interest your income comes with tax you rent your own property from the government and you can't even get
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a damn tory with your happy meal anymore the system cheats us so screw it dated back at least that's what one inmate tried to do at a central florida jail earlier this month thirty two year old larry stone has been sitting in the clink for property crimes since april though reports are not been explicit just what those crimes were. but he pointed a garden in his front yard point is we're paying to keep him locked in a cage but he had other ideas the inmate was able to temporarily sneak his way to freedom by exploiting a technical glitch in the dalles phone system the phone service provider global lincoln mistakenly activated whose service handle transactions during outgoing calls what that means is that want to call is in complete double the amount of money they were being charged to make the call was then being refunded into the inmates accounts stone made a total of seventy seven overpriced incomplete calls some international and that's
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all of the total up to twelve hundred fifty dollars enough for him to pay bail and buy his way to freedom and they after walking out of jail with fifty dollars and sixty nine cents to spare stone had a change of heart or a brain spasm or didn't think he could have the lease and decided to turn self back into their custody he's now facing facing additional charges of fraud and grand theft and food slightly better than what public schools travel to kids. so if you've been following the show you know on the inner webs through the you tube channel as opposed to just watching on cable you may have picked up on a little dust up between myself and stacy herbert who happens to be part of the kaiser report here on our team and it started with an interview i did with don herald several weeks ago actually several months ago about a bump in correction in the silver market joining me now to discuss this and why it's still essential for someone who cares about their financial security to own
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silver is don herald of the day trade show dot com don thanks for being with us and i thank you for having me adam all right so this started with our interview when you called a little correction in the silver market and i made the mistake perhaps of calling it a bubble maybe was it was an over application of the term but why would that strike why would that rub someone like stacey herbert the wrong way. well in the first place i don't i don't think that's where it began. the first time that the mags kaiser and stacey used my name in less than complimentary terms as well as year they use less december i've recorded a video right told people that if you were buying silver don't bank on j.p. morgan crashing and don't let it be your reason about it and that's that's their campaign max kaiser and stacy are over great sell the kaiser report they have
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a campaign that's called by a crass by silver cross faith in morgan right. right and so i recorded a video and i told people at the time still grows like a thirty to thirty one an ounce i said wait for silver to pull back before you buy it you don't need to be buying it now at thirty or thirty one wait for a pullback and don't use crashing j.p. morgan is your reason for buying well they posted a blog post on their site that i was a possible traits or a guy to the silver army that they're raising right and the next thing you know and they've made probably four or five blog posts and mentions of me being all sorts of colorful things and so when you and i talked i guess now suddenly you're part of the trader well it seems like stacey sort of misunderstood or you're saying it's ok to the next level of oh well they're saying don't buy silver right now they must be anti silver and nothing could be further from the truth you're
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a day trader so certainly coming from your perspective you follow the ups and downs you make money on trades from day to day on the fluctuations in the prices and that's one dance of play but you're still an advocate of long term owners of the silver for people that just want to save their their wealth reliably right at and i've been telling people to buy silver for a decade now and what's really weird is in two thousand and eight i recorded two videos read told people get this to buy still. because of the manipulation of banks now i didn't know j.p. morgan was behind that but before crash j.p. morgan was questioned p. morgan i was telling people i was begging people to buy a silver at prices below fifteen an ounce i gave silver a target of twenty eight in two thousand and nine in mid two thousand and nine i raised my target to fifty to eighty an ounce but were i'm different i don't know the difference the word my belief is this you want to buys deliver when it's unclear dips and you want to sell some as it moves higher to eventually take some
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or that worthless buy back in and i have never advocated selling all your silver i in fact hope people have more silver and more of that worthless to buy more silver so any time i've ever sold it's been i need to be clear five to ten percent of what i held hoping to buy more and dips and it's fun to be as a people that actually follow me they've known this and yet right and at least this attack it really came out of the blue is a weird petty personal like they're trying to start on i don't know but don thanks for thanks for being with us tonight well and we've extended the invitation to max to be honest so again maybe maybe we have to get stacey on first but it's always open we hope the congress thought of this don thanks for being with us tonight i know use of you are our first comment i comes from screw open borders i disagree on you tube who writes the debt talks come at a perfect time right when ron paul and the senate start taking obama to court for violating the war powers act nobody talks about that anymore how convenient but as
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the desk as the debate rages on here in washington our millennial is dismissing older people as a complete waste of time perhaps for good reason mark america writes i found the debating politics of anyone over forty is a complete waste of time they are the generation that is largely responsible for and was unconstitutional wars helpless restrictions of civil liberties and a fourteen trillion dollar debt if they were rated like bonds their value would be junk listening to two keynesian baby boomers is enough to make jefferson roll over in its grave and on facebook not sure if this is an original but pretty ingenious john diamond posted this photo. do we have the photo are there were an arab man in anguish holding a son in caps and it hi i'm collecting money to murder these two people i was hoping you could contribute to the cause simply pay your taxes on time and we can put an end to their lives i know we have a fourteen trillion dollar debt but we can spare a few thousand dollars to eradicate them halal freedom oh so that's what my tax
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dollars have been going to and remember i told you that comments from great screenings were more likely to get selected well how could i pass on reading comments of some. and saw a photo of some over dressed parts police cars from york mule rape goat here's the photo i scout of officers are about your penises anyways he writes when was the last time these guys actually stopped a terrorist attack from happening then they were don't just ask them. any don't ask when was the last time these guys actually stopped a terrorist attack from happening then they would. then they would just respond with a list of potential terrorists they stopped and by terrorist i mean confused citizens and by stopped i mean falsely arrested for not thinking like a patriotic american and my picture out of gary american i don't mean a hero like thomas jefferson i mean a sheep that does what they demand of them i love my country i actually love it enough to save it from itself that was the ark will equate pope and charlie just
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kill certain some pots and i'm glad we got past him here but i have a couple comes from you that i just have to share by the way here he is doing his best to discredit himself on the show once a in our segment with luke without ski with his sunglasses on and smoking during the during the interview when well oh fifteen writes ray-ban sunglasses under fifty nine dollars megaphone ninety nine dollars eighty video camera nine hundred ninety nine dollars internet seventy five dollars a month seven g.'s of green that's a pot for doing a one eighty sixty dollars you want a one eighty on nine eleven and throwing any respect we had for him all away laughing priceless love police all right that's harsh and craigslist so for demonstrates just. how quickly tides can turn thanks to the inner webs just unsubscribe from the cd each channel reasons number one he disable comments number two carly is acting like a total douche but on twitter bang three four nine has a more specific reason to ditch the beach i can't even listen to beach thank god we
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can skip past and listen exam is like raking my head across a cheese grater. doesn't exactly remind me of listen of each but. point taken funnily the commas are too numerous to count about what i'm wearing growing old and so are the comments apparently for some of our viewers relevant and empower information served up five days we cannot allow a isn't enough some of you have suggested that i change what i wear so that you can stay cute into the least passions as well well thanks to a fan of the show our major wardrobe overall came in the mail just yesterday here it is you can all thank russ betts of silver dot com for this gem let's see we get the letters very good don't tread on me on the snake beautiful not only is it made with point nine nine nine fine silver i guarantee the camera five here does not do justice to how beautiful this thing is.


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